The Modern Solution For Managing Building Code Violations

*Currently only available in San Francisco, CA.


Avoiding building code violations should be easy

So we created the simplest possible solution for tracking, managing, and rectifying building code complaints and violations.

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How It Works

1. Add Buildings To Your Account For Monitoring

Business accounts can organize large numbers of buildings into portfolios with their own list of associated contacts.

2. Violation Radar Monitors Your Buildings For Complaints

Violation Radar checks San Francisco's Department of Building Inspection and Open 311 database for complaints filed at the building's address.

3. You Get Notified of Complaints

When a complaint is detected, Violation Radar notifies all the building's associated contacts via email.

4. You Repair Before the Inspector Arrives

Complaints are detected within 24hrs of their submission. Early detection gives you a chance to fix the cause of the complaint BEFORE it becomes a violation.


We've been working closely with property management firms to build exactly the features you need.

Email Notifications

Getting notified of violations by paper mail is just archaic. Violation Radar notifies you by email anytime that a complaint or violation is reported, updated, or abated.

Multi-User Support

Easily add numerous users to your organization's business account. Every property manager in your organization can have their own user account, and portfolio of buildings within your organization's account.

Building Portfolios

Organizing your buildings into portfolios makes it easier to assign the responsibility of complaint managment.

Mobile Ready

Track, manage, and rectify building code complaints and violations from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.


There is a plan to match every set of needs.

Free Starter Business
Price       N/A       $100 / month $500 / month
Number of Builidngs 3 25 100
Email Violation Notifications
Text / SMS Violation Notifications
Portfolio Support
Multi-User Support
Unlimited Contacts
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Contact us for enterprise plans that include: manual violation tracking, hourly violation scans, compliance tracking, and building monitoring quotas > 100.

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